Sponsor: AEC Hackathon

The AEC Hackathon is the premier global community fro built environment hackathons. An all-volunteer organization, the AEC Hackathon offers consistency across built environment hackathons across the globe. This is the second AEC Hackathon to be held in Copenhagen.


Sponsor: BLOXHUB

BLOXHUB is the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization. Founded on the belief that the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require partnerships and new ways of collaboration, BLOXHUB is a unique place in the world and worth experiencing. The 2020 Copenhagen AEC Hackathon was held at BLOXHUB.


Sponsor: Tridify

Tridify is a cloud-based building information modeling (BIM) service for combining, sharing and viewing IFC models in a web browser. Bring in your models from any software and Tridify will take care the rest. The majority of the developers for AEC-OTB work at Tridify.


Sponsor: Unity Technologies

Unity is the world’s best real-time development platform and a powerful tool for the creation of design visualization in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Use Unity to enable your success and tap into what you need to achieve your vision. AEC-OTB used Unity to visualize generative design and enabled device-based augmented reality.