About our Team

AEC-OTB is a diverse team from more than one country and more than one haircut. Explore our team now!

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Systems Integration

Our project is a complex hack that integrates multiple hardware and software systems. Learn more about what we've done!

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Our Sponsors

AEC-OTB is sponsored and supported by the great global AEC community. Learn more about those who've helped us!

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Otso Alho

Michael Sundqvist

Ville Oinonen

Petter Gåsström

Todd Elkins

Brett Young


About the People on the AEC-OTB Team
People are the magic behind hackathons. Read about the AEC-OTB team.

Project Features

Our project is a mashup of multiple technologies to create an interactive display. Here's a summary of the features in the AEC-OTB project.
AEC-OTB is meant to be touched and explored by users. I mean, it uses SAND! How can you NOT touch SAND?!?!?!
Open Source
Our project is proud to be OPEN SOURCE and available on Github for all to use!
Our weekend's work included development on multiple operating systems and with Augmented Reality (AR).
We used video game tech - both hardware and software!